Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Novella Review: The Summer Nanny by Audrey J. Cole

Bridgett's dream job becomes a nightmare when an intruder takes little Leo hostage and demands a precious family heirloom as ransom. It quickly becomes apparent, however, that the intruder isn't interested in ransom at all.

In this short Emerald City Thriller, Audrey Cole has woven a fascinating and suspense filled story that has a surprising twist. Novellas can be challenging, especially one that is only 65 pages long. Cole does a great job in creating a main character that you care about and want to see come through this harrowing experience alive.

If blood and violence isn't your thing, The Summer Nanny might not be your type of story, but it definitely gets the heart pumping as Bridgett works to outwit the intruder.

One aspect that didn't make sense in this story is the introduction of detectives Blake Stephenson and Tess Richards. Other than the fact that Bridgett's boyfriend Chris is Tess' brother, and the detectives attend the gala because they are friends with Leo's parents, they serve little purpose.

Easily read in one sitting, The Summer Nanny is fast paced and exciting from beginning to end.


She bent over to check the floor around the kitchen island when a loud static noise came over the baby monitor. Every muscle in her body stiffened as she stared at the small lit-up screen in her hand. Instead of seeing Leo's small sleeping form, a figure wearing a full black ski mask filled the camera's frame.

Bridgett's hands trembled as the ski-masked intruder cocked his head to the side and took slow, deliberate steps toward the camera. The camera shook and the screen went dark as the intruder pulled it from the wall. Once the camera had been readjusted, the ski-masked face filled the screen.

He held a cell phone in front of his mouth, and a computerized voice came through the monitor.

"You can stop looking for your phone. I have it."

He must’ve been using an app to disguise his voice. Bridgett held down the Talk button on her hand-held monitor. "Please—don't hurt Leo."

The masked figure turned his head toward the boy's crib. "He's fine. At least he will be if you do exactly what I say."

She blinked through her tears and pressed the Talk button again. "I'll do whatever you want. Don't hurt him—please!"

The camera moved away from the ski-masked face and panned to the side. It stopped, focusing on the large blade in the man's gloved hand.

"That is entirely up to you," the computerized voice said.

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