Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Shelf Control - Jan 2

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Welcome to the first Shelf Control post of 2019. It's been a while since I participated in this meme, but I hope to keep it going more regularly this year. As I did last year, I'll be featuring Kindle or other free books in my TBR pile.


Maddy, Christine, and Amy find that an old college roommate has written about them in her new self-help book—and they're furious that she's used them as examples of how women screw up their lives. And the worst part is, it's sort of true. Together they make a pact: they'll face down their fears—and maybe show Miss Perfect a thing or two!

A Free Spirit
Maddy was always the artistic one of the group, alive with color and mischief from her saucy red curls to her vintage hippie skirts. Her challenge, the friends decide, is to get her artwork accepted at a gallery. A job as arts director at a summer camp near Santa Fe—with its multitude of galleries—seems like a start in the right direction.

A Reformed Bad Boy
There’s just one catch: The camp is run by Maddy’s high school flame, Joe, whose heart she broke—okay, smashed—and his anger towards Maddy hasn’t cooled one bit. But neither has their attraction.

A Perfect Match?
Old desires burn hotter than ever as Joe makes it clear there’s only one way back to his heart: She has to get serious about her art. But will falling in love help or hinder Maddy as she struggles to meet her challenge?

DATE BOUGHT: 4/23/11 (Been on the device a while)

WHY I BOUGHT IT: Honestly, can't tell you much about why I bought this one. Reading through the blurb, these are my ideas: I like bad boys; I love it when old flames reconnect; the cover art is nice, and I like to start a series from the beginning. I'm going to guess the other two books in the trilogy address Christine's and Amy's stories.

Would this book interest you? It's only $2.99 for Kindle.


Dream Come Review said...

The synopsis reminded me of an episode of 30 Rock where Liz writes a book inspired by her male colleagues. I hope you enjoy the story when you get around to it!

Happy New Year!

Cheryl said...

I've never seen 30 Rock. That sounds funny. There was an episode of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, where Dorothy wrote about the townspeople in Colorado Springs. Didn't go over well.

Thanks for visiting.