Wednesday, November 1, 2017

I Cry Uncle

Just imagine that woman pictured above is me yanking out my hair. This year I was determined to whittle away at my huge TBR pile. I set myself up for success by making sure all my books were logged in my spreadsheet. I entered a few reading challenges to keep me focused. In anticipation of moving my office to the first floor of our house--something else still not done--I boxed up all the books by genre to make the ones I wanted to read first easier to find.

Then life happened. My real estate business went into high gear this year. Definitely a positive. My father-in-law fell again and I've been more involved in decision making and his care. One of my kids has had trouble at school. We bought a dog--silly us. Like I needed something else to take care of. I'm fairly organized, but lately I just want to run away screaming when the phone rings.

As much as I love my job, I am looking forward to the lull that the holidays should bring. I think I'll hide in my office with no computer and read.

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