Thursday, February 11, 2016

New From K.M. Daughters: Fill the Stadium

Nikki Lambert’s husband purposely stalls his truck in the path of the midnight freight on the same day her eldest son, Jack, is diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder.

Injured NFL quarterback, Ramsey Delaney is benched from his starting position leaving him ample time for more hands-on involvement in The Good Sports Club, a community center he established where Nikki’s sons, Jack and Rocky are enrolled.

Jack’s deteriorating motor skills concern Ram’s employees who bar Jack from attending the club without Ram’s knowledge. Nikki wants nothing but normalcy for Jack and she heatedly confronts Ram for depriving her son of a beloved activity. Ram immediately reinstates Jack forging the fateful bond between Nikki and her boys’ number-one sports hero. Ram is instantly attracted to Nikki. He wants to win her heart more than he’s ever wanted to win a game. But after her husband’s terrible abandonment will Nikki trust Ram’s motives and open her heart to love again?


Nikki’s gaze lit on Jack hunkered down along the sidelines, and her heart constricted. Head to head with Ramsey Delaney, boy and man hung over one of Jack’s ever-present notebooks. The football star draped a muscled arm around Jack, cupping his shoulder with a huge hand that covered a quarter of her son’s back.

“I smell perfume,” came Ram’s deep resonant voice.

“Uh huh. Smells like my mommy.”

Both faced Nikki, presenting ear-to-ear grins. Their matching dazzling smiles swelled her heart—her customary reaction to Jack, and a jolting, giddy pleasure in the wake of Ramsey’s seeming delight at her arrival.

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Fill The Stadium for ALD is based on a charity football game held in Soldier’s Field at Harvard University – the concept is the brainchild of K.M. Daughters. Kathie’s son is an alumnus and former captain of the football team. His dear friend’s grandson died of ALD which prompted his passion for fundraising benefiting research. K.M. Daughters wrote the novel inspired by the charity event concept that they created.

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K.M. Daughters said...

Good morning all. Thank you so much Cheryl for hosting us today. Love's healing power is a theme we love to write about - particularly in Fill The Stadium. Speaking of celebrating love...what are your plans for Valentine's Day?

Cheryl said...

You're welcome. Thanks for visiting my little blog and sharing more great books with us.

I'm working on Valentine's Day, but I hope everyone else has more exciting plans.