Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Heal the Body...Not the Disease by Judy Marie Trimbur

Throughout my life I have faced numerous health challenges and other obstacles along the way. My journey became a miraculous transformation from ‘victim-hood’ to ‘victorious-hood’. Knowing one day, I would be able to graciously “gift back” the pearls of wisdom that have been gifted to me. She Thought She Could She Did is a memoir intended to Divinely inspire others by providing a platform of spiritual self-study to invoke holistic healing.

Heal the Body...Not the Disease
 by Judy Marie Trimbur

Our bodies were created to heal themselves intelligently, given the appropriate modalities. There are phenomenal long-term benefits when we heal the body verses treat the disease. From the day we were born we continually make choices that effect our health, both consciously or unconsciously.

I experienced what it is like to treat health issues from the perspective of curing the disease. However, once the doors of holistic wellness opened up to me, the journey of healing became so alive and abundant. From that point on, I began to appreciate the importance of healing the body as a whole. I no longer viewed a particular “health issue” as a separate entity from my “being.” At first, my pre-programmed brain told me that my health conditions were genetic, But my quest for a greater understanding of the human body brought a shift in my perspective. Over the last thirty years I have reinvented my body.

A proper diagnosis of a health condition gives a person the peace of mind that comes from knowing what the condition is and having a clear starting point for their recovery. Once that is established there are two choices to make about your medicinal direction to take. You can treat the disease or heal the body as a whole.

Healing our body is an incredible opportunity to become more alive. It has been my experience that deficiency and toxicity are on the forefront of causing disease. Disease is a symptom of the body trying to eliminate waste and toxins. It is an alarm that our body sets off warning us that we need healing. Looking at the body as a whole, addresses the root causes of the disease itself.

The only way to really achieve wellness, is to stop doing the things that cause disease and begin doing the things that rebuild the immune system. It takes time to restore and rebuild, but as we continue to create healthier patterns and habits our body WILL REGENERATE ITSELF. No one intentionally sets out to develop illness. The good news is, through knowledge and a determination to make daily changes the healing process will happen.

We only have one body for life and our HEALTH is our greatest WEALTH. You hold all the power to take charge of your health—as I did—and wellness is always your best long term and healthy choice.

The inspiration behind writing She Thought She Could She did truly was a miraculous part of my soul’s destiny from birth.  When the day arrived to unleash my memoir, it felt as though the Divine directly carved a portal to my heart.  In a short time the stories became powerful messages of hope, help and healing for many.  I am a living testimony of a “once little girl” who came from a life of deep dysfunction and unconsciously addicted to being a victim, to becoming a woman embracing a beautiful path of “authentic wellbeing.”  I clearly understand the precious steps it takes to gentle restore our broken pieces of life and transform them into our own gorgeous master piece.

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Nikki said...

Thank you for sharing this important information with your blog readers - so many people only take meds for health issues and don't know there is a more thorough way to care for many health issues.

Unknown said...

Thank you Cheryl for your incredible support! Your website offers an amazing avenue for authors and readers alike.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for visiting, ladies. Good thing I posted last night because we had no Internet this morning.

Judy Marie, this topic truly hits home for me right now because I am trying to deal with an unexpected diagnosis and I believe it's important to heal the entire body, not try to focus on the disease.

Devendra Singh said...

Sound therapy is definitely a science which has evolved since thousands of years. And listening to the healing sounds can definitely help a person overcome his illnesses which is specifically designed for that ailment and the troubled frequencies of the sick organ.