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Book Spotlight: WWII Diary: Stories by the Airmen of the 22nd Bomb Squadron of World War II by David K. Hayward

David K. Hayward, a B-25 medium bomber pilot during World War II, provides the reader with 94 stories written by 13 storytellers of his 22nd Bomb Squadron in the China-Burma-India Theater of World War II. The stories are illustrated by 240 caricatures drawn by pilot-artist John A. Johns of the squadron. These stories bring out the personal side of what it was like to serve in the 22nd Bomb Squadron, at the tail end of the supply line stretching halfway around the world. They bring out the reality of events, the sense of duty, determination, fear, boredom, and fun at times. You will experience the excitement of combat missions, primitive living among poisonous snakes and malarial-bearing mosquitos, and the cultural oddities of India, fun and games at the poker table, the tragic loss of friends in combat, finding religion, and praying a lot. David collected these stories after the war while serving the 22nd Bomb Squadron Association as secretary- treasurer and newsletter publisher. In 2002 he combined them into a booklet entitled WWII DIARY, distributed primarily to members of the Association. The general public can now be told of the dedication and sacrifices of these men who served their country in World War II.

Readers will be rewarded additionally by the graphic artistry of squadron pilot John A. Johns, who provided the Association with hundreds of caricature images for its publications. He joined the staff of the Pittsburg Press as a graphic artist and was President of the Art Institute of Pittsburg.

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David Hayward had a passion for flying. When World War II came along he knew what to do. After attending Pasadena Junior College in California, he took flight training in the U.S. Army Air Corps and won his wings and commission as second lieutenant. David flew 53 combat missions as pilot of a B-25 medium bomber in the 22nd Bomb Squadron in the China-Burma-India theater of war and earned the Distinguished Flying Cross.

In 1949 David earned a Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering at Caltech in Pasadena, and, later, a Master degree in petroleum engineering from University of Southern California. He worked for Texaco as a petroleum engineer, developing and producing oil fields in California. In 1951 he married Jeanne Thompson. They produced three fine sons, Gary, Eric and Kirk.

The 22nd Bomb Squadron veterans formed an association and held annual reunions. David served as secretary-treasurer and newsletter publisher, collecting stories and events for the book “Eagles, Bulldogs & Tigers” and five additional publications.

David returned to China six times with veterans’ groups. At age 91, he assembled this book, bringing together material from his previous sources. David lives with his wife of 62 years in Huntington Beach, California.

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