Thursday, May 1, 2014

Book Spotlight: Aging With Dignity, Living With Grace by David Brady

Four years ago David Brady was viciously assaulted by a 21 year-old man with severe mental illness, resulting in traumatic brain damage. He lost eighty percent of his memory and was forced to put his successful TV production company on hiatus while he sought out a solution to this horrific situation.

That got him wondering, how many other middle aged, or ‘baby boomers’, get blindsided by a life altering event like this?”

Aging With Dignity, Living With Grace will tell you how David was able to turn his life around, overcome adversity, find peace of mind and prosperity in this book.

Paperback: 178 pages
Publisher: Publishing (March 10, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1621374742
ISBN-13: 978-1621374749

Award-winning film and television writer, producer and director David Brady’s work is best known in
Canada, but no stranger to U.S. and European audiences. He was also an award-winning professor at Ryerson University in Toronto and is currently on the Faculty of Motion Picture Arts at Capilano University in North Vancouver British Columbia. David holds an MFA from York University in Toronto. He did his original undergraduate and work at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Colombia. Brady also taught film production and screen writing at York University in Toronto and is an acclaimed and powerful public speaker and lecturer.

In his new dramatic and compelling book, Aging With Dignity, Living with Grace he chronicles his life altering and potential near death experience of being viciously assaulted by a young man with Mental illness. David had gone to talk to this bright and highly educated young man at the request of his mother. The result was a traumatic brain injury that would have left others permanently incapacitated and disabled. However, Brady is no quitter and in this gripping and honest account of his harrowing experience he will take you, the reader through the stages and the steps he had to take to overcome his serious handicap and find peace of mind, prosperity and real happiness.

Brady’s film and television projects have won numerous Canadian, American and International awards including One Academy Award Nomination for his late business partners Production of Nails as Best Theatrical Documentary, 7 Genie Awards (Canadian Academy Awards) and two Golden Globe nominations including Best Foreign Film and Best Actor for “The Grey Fox,” starring Richard Farnsworth and presented by Francis Ford Coppola’s Zoetrope Studios and released through United Artists Classics. His recent Canadian Broadcasting Corporation production of Yellowstone Super Volcano, which will air on Smithsonian Channel in the USA in 2014 and was the CBC’s highest, rated Doc Zone for 2013. He also had two recent productions in Canada that were in the top three rated for the network and will soon be available in the US. His “Yonge Street, Toronto Rock & Roll Stories” just won a Gemini Award and he also produced one of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s 2011 highest rated “Doc Zones” The Gangster Next Door. In addition to these award winning and critically acclaimed shows, he has produced over 130 primetime comedies, dramas, and documentaries, including “The Pagan Christ” and “The Gangster Next Door,” which both aired in the United States recently. His Discovery Channel Production of Around The World with Tippi was nominated at the prestigious Banff Television Festival as the Best Family Series in the world. He was also one of the executive producers of his good friend Alan Sacks Disney Channel Production of You Wish, which was nominated for the Humanitis Award in Los Angeles.

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