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Guest Blogger: Denise LaBarre, Author of Issues in Your Tissues

Issues in Your Tissues: Heal Body and Emotion from the Inside Out is a book about listening to your body’s innate wisdom and using it to heal yourself – from the inside, out.

Most health books talk about the mind-body connection as if that’s all there is to it. You read the book and think, “Yes, that’s interesting, I get the concepts.” You may even do a few of the exercises, but the information stays in your mind and there’s no substantial change in your body or shift in the way you go about your life. What they leave out of the equation is emotion, which is the mind-body link itself. You need to feel emotion for change to occur in your body. As you come to understand the emotions you carry physically and how to work with them, you don’t have to feel at the mercy of them any more.
As you learn to feel your emotions in your body – allow them to roll through you like a wave and out – you make room for positive change and healing.

You can reclaim the energized aliveness you were born with. You can glide through your days with more ease in your body and more energy in your life. It only takes a little understanding and the will to improve. The first step toward living more alive in your body and less in your mind is taking a full breath. Chapter One of Issues in Your Tissues gives you an easy way to do that. From there, you will explore the embodied energy that gets carried from unresolved emotion through stories, learn how to release it, and move on to greater physical and emotional well-being.

Issues in Your Tissues will show you how to breathe fully throughout your day – in the transitions – and how much better you will feel when you do. LaBarre’s stories will inspire you to venture inside and explore the long locked-off territory of your inner emotional landscape. You will rediscover lost parts of yourself including emotions that you need to be whole and healthy. The process can be fast, easy, and painless. It starts simply, with intention and a deep breath.

Whether or not these ideas are new to you, the goal is to help you see them from a perspective you haven’t seen before, plus give you inspiration and simple tools to help you reconnect into your body more of the time and henceforth. Here are twenty inspiring healing stories to entertain your mind while re-inspiring your intuitive self to do its healing work. They show you how this reconnecting process looks and feels. Plus, each chapter has original cartoons and simple exercises to bring the ideas and insights home, into your body, now. They really help if you do them!

What is your body saying to you? 
Find out from Issues in Your Tissues by Denise LaBarre

Your body is brilliant at telling you what is wrong and what it needs. But you may have stopped listening somewhere along the way. You were born completely in tune with your body - you laughed when you were happy, cried when you were sad, probably punched someone when you felt angry. But then what happened? You got in trouble for hitting; you were told to “suck it up,” “don’t be a cry baby”, and told to be quiet and not make so much noise. You learned to stifle your natural emotional reactions to fit in, to become socialized. If you were abused, neglected or had your boundaries violated in some way, even more you had to stuff down scary, confusing feelings you couldn’t manage in order to survive. What happens to that energy? It compounds to become tension, pain and dis-ease – i.e. the issues in your tissues.

I wrote my book, Issues in Your Tissues: Heal Body and Emotion from the Inside Out from my decades of bodywork experience working with thousands of bodies. During sessions, I found I was saying the same things to people regardless of their age, education - even their level of health and fitness. Everyone who wound up on my table needed to open their breath. Everyone had lost at least partial connection with the wisdom in his or her body. And every body was asking to be listened to and loved.

The fully-aligned, radiant inner connection you were born with still exists in you. Even after years of shut-down accumulating layers of dis-ease, you can access it quickly and directly. You simply need to be re-minded how to listen to your body.

In chapter one I get you “Breathing Like you Mean It.” I show you a simple technique to get you breathing throughout your day so you come out of your head and back into your body – where the juice and aliveness are. Through cartoons, exercises, and stories you come to understand how you energetically build tension and dis-ease and what it looks like to release it. Even as you read, you learn to feel that long-held emotional energy as it flows through you. My approach is simple and intuitive. You find yourself saying, “Yah! I know that. I just never heard it put that way. Now I get it. I can do this!”

You may have an illness that defies treatment; aches and pains that seem to “come out of nowhere”; or symptoms that medicine can’t explain. In my experience this usually means unresolved emotional issues have become physical issues. When surgery, medication, chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage, have not helped resolve a physical problem, it’s time to look in the emotional realm for what might be stuck there. Once the emotional knots are released, the body has clearance to heal itself – and it does. The understanding and simple, fun tools you need to reconnect with your deeper healing await you, just a deeper breath away.

Denise started doing bodywork regularly at age 7, on her stressed-out mom and soon began reading her mother’s graduate school psychology books, connecting the dots between the physical and emotional energy she felt intuitively. She studied language at university and then managed a translation agency, all the while touching bodies who called out for help. She realized as she worked with more people that she was also re-learning the universal language of the body and translating it for minds that had gotten socialized out of the habit of listening. She was becoming a "body-mind translator."

Denise loves to help people reconnect to the physical and emotional aliveness they were born with through her writing, hands-on work, teaching and public speaking.

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Denise lives on Maui, where you can find her for private sessions or co-sponsor a lecture/workshop/session appearance in your city.

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