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Interview: Delia Latham, Author of Jewels for the Kingdom (Heart's Haven)

As you've probably noticed, I've been featuring books from the Heart's Haven series released by White Rose Publishing. Today, one of the authors, shares how this series came into being, what these books are about, and how you can find out more about the authors.

Born and raised in Weedpatch, California, Delia Latham moved to Oklahoma in '08, making her a self-proclaimed California Okie. She loves to read and write in her country home, and gets a kick out of watching her husband play Farmer John. She's a Christian wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend, but especially loves being a princess daughter to the King of Kings. She loves Dr. Pepper and hearing from her readers. Contact her through her website (, blog, or Facebook author page.

Delia writes inspirational romance and women's fiction, and is currently contracted through White Rose Publishing and Vinspire Publishing.

Who came up with the idea of the Heart’s Haven series?

I did. I’ve always loved the Christmas collections Barbour publishes each year, and I wanted White Rose to do something similar, without copying their format. So I dreamed up the foundation for Heart’s Haven—the setting, the concept of an old guy who sees and speaks with angels, the legend of love that surrounds the property. Then I asked God which three Pelican Book Group authors I should try to get on board with me, and…well, here we are, with our Valentine’s Day collection.

Can you briefly tell us what each book is about?

Sure. How about I just give you the back cover blurbs from each book?

Jewels for the Kingdom (Heart’s Haven, Book 1)
by Delia Latham

Pia Peretti’s past could destroy her future. Thanks to her pre-Christian lifestyle, she can’t marry a believer, and she won’t marry a non-believer. Minister David Myers wants to help Pia release her guilt and trust that God has forgiven her...but the young minister is working through his own trial of faith.

After a failed counseling session with a wounded soul, David's confidence is shaken. He accepts a new pastorate, and moves to Angel Falls to find a haven for his wounded heart.

Is it possible these two hurting hearts are meant to mend each other’s brokenness with some divine intervention?

Operation Breathless (Heart’s Haven, Book 2)
by Marianne Evans

Psychologist Susanna Daniels helps troubled teens find their footing and their faith, but in the face of erroneous accusations, she's lost hope, wondering if her work at Wellsprings of Grace even makes a difference any more.

Detroit police officer Gabe Peretti has returned home to Angel Falls, Texas, burned out by the big city, his faith stretched to the breaking point by the badlands he's witnessed and tried so hard to change. He craves fresh perspective, and wisdom enough to discern God's will.

A sparkling kiss and an embattled young lady careening down the wrong path bring Susanna and Gabe together, sweeping them into a set of circumstances that will require enough faith to shine bright, and enough love to leave them both forever changed, and positively breathless.

Leap of Faith (Heart’s Haven, Book 3)
by Tanya Stowe

Zack Manning is a computer software genius and he’s just been offered a six-figure position in Manhattan. But for some reason, Zack can’t bring himself to accept the offer. Perhaps it has something to do with his free-spirited neighbor, Zoe Wyndham. Zack thinks Zoe’s pretty, but she’s far too kooky for him. Still, he takes a second look when she arrives at his front door with a message about his job.

Zoe’s been attracted to Zack for a while, but he’s not her type. He's business-minded, serious, successful—certainly not the type to go into the mission field, and that's her plan. She would just be a kink in his well-ordered life. So when Zack finally looks her way, Zoe doesn’t expect much, but he's constantly on her mind.

Then there's his recent change of heart where she's concerned. Zoe’s convinced the resident angels at Heart’s Haven have something to do with it, and while she doesn't understand, she may just have to take a leap of faith.

Dance with Me (Heart’s Haven, Book 4)
by Mary Manners

Scorned by an ex-fiance who dumped her on their wedding day, Kaci James vows to never fall in love again. She's content to teach English at Angel Falls High School and moonlights at the Angel Falls Trumpet as an advisor for a romance column—Love's Lesson.

Plagued by the senseless death of a teen on his watch, patrolman Ryne Calvert feels he's failed in the line of duty—and as a man. His new job as the resource officer at Angel Falls High will give him a chance to redeem himself—and to be closer to the elusive and lovely Kaci. Though he longs for more than friendship, Kaci thwarts his advances. She's hiding her heart from him, but why?

When Ryne, on a dare, seeks advice from Love's Lessons, he and Kaci begin the dance of romance. But when Kaci's secret is revealed, will the music end—forever?

What was the inspiration for your novella?

Jewels for the Kingdom was inspired by an online friend who owns and operates a Christian jewelry business, The Master’ Jewels. I loved her references to “Spirit-filled jewelry” and “adorning the bride.” She told me about giving her pieces to certain people as the Spirit gave her little nudges and signs, and I was absolutely fascinated by the whole thing. With her permission, I built my story around that concept.

How much interaction took place among the authors during the writing of the stories?

None of us had ever met when we started the project, other than through our Pelican Book Group author loop. But I can’t help feeling Heart’s Haven was a God-thing from the very beginning. We worked together very closely, making sure details coincided and that there were no glaring contradictions from one book to the next. In the process, we formed a very special bond. A couple of us have since had the opportunity to meet face to face. Mary Manners and Marianne Evans met at a conference where they taught a workshop together. And I was hugely blessed by the opportunity to meet Tanya Stowe when both of us happened to be in California at the same time during 2012. I feel as if I gained three sisters through Heart’s Haven.

What have you been doing individually and as a team to market these books?

We have a Heart’s Haven Facebook page, where we interact with readers and launch each book as it releases. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the reception Heart’s Haven has received, and we’re so pleased that readers seem to love it! Then, of course, each of us does our own thing as far as guest blogging, interviews, etc. We’ve done character interviews, which we all really enjoyed. And we created a fictional news reporter from the fictional newspaper, The Angel Falls Trumpet. Belle Eyre’s articles have shown up on several blogs, talking about Heart’s Haven and the angelic activity there. It’s been great fun!

Where can readers find out more?

Each of our websites (listed below) include information about Heart’s Haven, and all the books are listed on our publisher’s website, Then, of course, there’s our Heart’s Haven Facebook page, where all four authors and their heroines hang out and chat with readers. All the books are available on Kindle, Nook, and other e-book formats.

And since you’ve been such a wonderful hostess, I will let you in on a little secret. Other Heart’s Haven books are contracted and will be released over the next couple of years. So the fun isn’t ending with this first collection. We’re all very excited about that.

Here are links to all Heart’s Haven author websites:

Delia Latham—
Tanya Stowe—
Marianne Evans—
Mary Manners—


Anonymous said...

Cheryl, thank you for allowing me to talk about my current favorite subject with your readers! :)

Tanya Stowe said...

My "sister" writes great articles. Thank you, Cheryl, for inviting her to visit so we can once again hear her words of wisdom and inspire us. I couldn't agree more. Writing Heart's Haven with my sisters has been a blessing...and I think it shows in the books!

Delia Latham said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sis! lol I love when my HH cohorts rally round to encourage and uplift. Great gals, they are!

Cheryl said...

Always wonderful to have you and the ladies here.