Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Book Spotlight: Two Ways to Sunday by Tom Starita

Chris Marcum was a man who had everything. The perfect wife, the perfect job, and the perfect life. He was also sure his belief in God did not depend on those successes. So when an angel appeared to him on his deathbed with a challenge to prove the depths of his faith, Chris immediately accepted.

Relive your life, with no recollection. This time however, without the breaks.

What happens when instead of going right, you go left?

What if there are no happy endings?

How much can a man endure before he hits his breaking point?

And what happens then?

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"Very emotional and powerful story that reaffirms my faith in a plan for each of us."

-- asics33, Amazon reviewer

"I usually read a book, put it down, pick up another book and repeat. Seldom do I give the storyline or characters a second thought once I'm finished. I did however find it difficult after reading Two Ways To Sunday to simply move on to the next book. The main character and subject matter haunted me. I couldn't help wondering what I would've done in Chris Marcum's place. In addition to the thought provoking story this book had perfect cadence, defined characters and was sprinkled with enough humor to balance out the sorrow. I sincerely recommend this book, you'll find yourself invested even after you turn the last page."

--gPerri, Barnes and Noble reviewer

"What a fantastic book! I started off intending to read a few chapters per day, but wound up finishing the book in two nights. Great characters with a great plot. There's a lot of humor in the book, but also a shocking amount of emotion. I must admit, I started tearing up at the end. Definitely recommended to everyone else, you won't regret reading this one!"

--Suz1234SA, Barnes and Noble reviewer





Tom Starita has two passions in life, writing and the New York Mets. Both have taken years off his life. He spent seven years teaching high school religion, six months as an office manager and is currently in sales. The only goal he ever had was to be published. His dream is to spend the rest of his life lounging in a pool with a book. Tom loves to laugh, loves to make people laugh and most of all loves his beautiful wife Kristina who he calls Lady. They currently reside in Weehawken, New Jersey with their dog, Tzatziki.

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Tom Starita said...

Wow what a great book! And he's a Mets fan too? Well then he definitely deserves our sympathy and support!

For the record since I wrote the book I'm probably a little biased.

Thanks for the support!