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Guest Blogger: Dr. T. William Hefferan, Author of JOBS: How the United States Can Reach Long-Term Full Employment

In JOBS, Dr. T. William Hefferan, DBA, MBA, CCIM, CPM provides a stunning approach to how we achieve long-term full employment in the United States. Learn how the essential shift in how we need to think about jobs and employment accelerates our timely transformation into a knowledge worker economy.

This profound shift invigorates our heritage and foundation of innovation and entrepreneurship – restoring our global leadership in education and learning – leading to a dawn of new discoveries, creating exciting new jobs and unique careers.

Learn how everyone benefits from this journey to a steady stream of rewarding jobs as Dr. Hefferan demystifies our journey to long-term full employment with his original entertaining presentation style.

In JOBS, the unemployed as well as employees wanting a better job learn how to secure their perfect job; employers learn how to attract and retain top-tier employees; and entrepreneurs feel personal growth as they discover new ways to put their ideas and initiatives to work.

Learn the value of ethics and authenticity in the workplace and why everyone in an organization can be a leader -- adding value to the company and the employee’s career growth.

Join Dr. Hefferan in this contemporary revolution to a brand new America that will always have meaningful and rewarding jobs.

We Need Women Leaders

May 7, 2012

Women have been making tremendous strides in the workplace not only in filling top jobs as integral assets to any organization but also in the movement toward equal pay for equal work. I am afraid that our presumptive Republican nominee for president has set that path to full equality in the workplace back several years.  

What is most disconcerting is that Mr. Romney could end up as the president of the United States and set women's struggle for equal pay for equal work back even further. He seems to imply he wants all women to stay at home. 

Mr. Romney needs to stop offending an entire voting blocs of women who take his so called “gaffs” to heart. Many women have the clear feeling that these comments are not just slight slips of the tongue. Romney’s recent gaffs in his public appearances appear as repetitions of the same theme. As a result, many voters feel these comments represent his deep feelings that women in the workforce may not be as relevant or important to the workforce as men.  

He defended his comments by saying that women working at home have a very difficult job. We all certainly agree that job is perhaps the most important job of all. However that is not the only place that women should be assigned. Sorry Mr. Romney, we need women in the workforce too. 

As I started thinking about Romney’s gaffs, I immediately thought of the person that rocketed my career beyond what I ever could have imagined.  Anne Frahm was not only the first great leader I worked with, she represents the quintessential leader and mentor everyone should have access to. 

Back when I was 19 or 20, I was a volunteer for the Republican Party in the 400 Club, as it was called back then. You had to donate at least $400.00 to get in. A tidy sum for me back then. Even though I was absolutely as low on the totem pole as one could possibly be in the Republican Party, Anne had a way of determining who was willing to work hard and could benefit from her leadership and mentoring.  

A transformational leader can portray dozens of styles of leadership, and Anne knew precisely how to invigorate me to greater heights. She and I quickly became fast friends with mutual respect for each other.  And, it was there that I learned what a true great leader was all about. 

Anne had the ability to make you feel as though you were the most important cog in the wheel and that your abilities were unique to the organization.  However, she would not hesitate to let you know when you made a mistake or needed improvements.  As a transformational leader, she knew when and to what degree to apply the right amount of pressure. Every employee in an organization benefits from great leadership. 

Anne had the unique ability to transform herself into an autocratic leader as needed, and control important meetings without appearing to be a “bitch” as might be the case if she were not as skilled.  She presented authenticity in her every word, particularly as she exhibited caring for those she mentored. With this type of leader, you are energized to excel in an organization. Your passion for the work grows even further driving any organization to greatness.  

Mitt, we need leaders like Anne. Please try not to discourage them.

About Dr William T Hefferan
With over 23 years of experience as President/CEO of a 100 employee company, Dr. Hefferan decided to put his corporate work experience together with his academic background and solve one of our most significant societal problems. His unique approach to explore ways to end the persistent ups and downs of unemployment includes a peer reviewed research study he designed specifically to discover ways to solve the problem.

Dr. Hefferan shares with readers his life-changing event that compelled him to dedicate over three years of his life to find these sound solutions, creating a blueprint for America to reach long-term full employment.

Jobs and unemployment concerns are definitely some of the biggest issues facing the United States at this time. If you would like more information about JOBS by Dr Hefferan or about his organization – Wisdom in the Streets, please visit his website

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Thank you for sharing Dr Hefferan's article and I do agree that business and life need more female leaders :)

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