Thursday, February 2, 2012

Great Deal at Amazon on Books by Soren Paul Petrek

Cold Lonely Courage by Soren Paul Petrek is currently available for FREE from the Amazon Kindle Store.

"Madeleine Toche races to the front to find her mortally wounded brother, Ives, as the Germans continue their attack on France. Her twin now lost to her forever, Madeleine grieves with her parents until she is brutally raped by a SS Stormtrooper. Hell bent on revenge, she becomes a trained assassin who seeks out her targets in the name of France and all she has lost."

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Now available are Patience County War and Angels Don't Die.

Kill or be killed. Patience County's Sheriff, Sam Trunce is in the cross hairs of a Mexican drug cartel. He is not alone. Patience County's secret army of combat vets, Masai warriors and history's most deadly female assassin stand at his side. The Cartel's murder squad and Patience's army hurtle towards war, winner takes all.

Only 99 cents!

When an American agent is taken hostage, famed WWII assassin, Madeleine Toche resurfaces to rescue him, taking on the PLO and all comers in the middle of Israel’s Yom Kippur War. Toche, feared as the Angel of Death, must send the PLO a bloody message, release the agent or die. With the help of the Mossad, Toche unleashes her fury, leaving a path of destruction everywhere she goes.

Only $2.99!

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