Monday, December 19, 2011

Book Review: Dax Rigby, War Correspondent by John Rosenman

War Correspondent Dax Rigby accepts an assignment on the savage planet of Arcadia. His job--to investigate and report on the Western Alliance mission there. He is quickly thrust into a battle to save two alien species from extinction and rescue a human outpost plagued by a mysterious disease. While the fate of two worlds hangs in the balance, Dax struggles to redefine himself and fulfill his destiny.

Wow! Dax Rigby, War Correspondent by John Rosenman was not what I expected.  I don't tend to read science-fiction all that much, but I've tried to explore new genres this year. I'm certainly glad I gave this book a try.

Having struggled financially, Dax accepts a mission to Arcadia that he's been told will be his big break. A young and handsome reporter, he's also in love with Lexis. He hopes if he does well on this mission, her father might approve of him.

Nothing prepares Dax for what he finds on Arcadia. The commanding officer is a weed-smoking, thirty something woman whose time exposed to the harsh elements makes her look twenty years older. She doesn't seem to care much about what happens around Base Camp. What little information Major Campbell provides Dax isn't overly helpful, but she warns him about the Hoppers and Flyers, two alien species who seem determined to wipe out each other. When Dax takes a baby Flyer as a pet, Campbell is pretty sure he's lost his mind.

While trying to stay alive and uncover why so many of the people at Base Camp are sick, Dax is fending off Casey Frank, a pilot with a history of getting around. Archer, Head of Security, is against him. Father Ben, the physician and All-Faith chaplain believes in him. And someone--or several someones--certainly isn't what they seem.

Dax Rigby, War Correspondent is a definite page-turner. The action doesn't stop from the moment you start reading. While the romance takes a back seat to Dax's investigation, the reader understands his motivation for going to Arcadia and watches eagerly as Casey and Dax draw closer to each other. Rosenman creates an interesting world in Arcadia. It is the oppressive heat Dax notices right off, and the reader can almost feel it too. I like how the author revealed the history of the Hoppers and the Flyers, and how it played into the plot as a whole.

The book contains some adult situations, but that's not the focus of the story. You'll be so wrapped up in Dax's investigation, you won't give them much thought.

If you're a lover of science-fiction, you'll want to pick up a copy of Dax Rigby, War Correspondent. You'll be thrilled you did!

Title:  Dax Rigby, War Correspondent
Author: John Rosenman
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-927085-66-0


SRP:  $5.95

I received an e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion. I helped the author promote this book earlier this month with a virtual book tour through Pump Up Your Book. That fee did not include a review. I received no monetary compensation of any kind to provide my thoughts.


Unknown said...

I'm a sci-fi fan. This looks very interesting. I don't write in the genre-yet, but I enjoy the ride.

It also looks like this is going to be a series.

It's on my TBB list.

John B. Rosenman said...

Hi, Lorrie, I hope you buy and like it. If you don't, I'll give you a complete refund.

Happy New Year!