Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Inch Principle by John T. Condry & Paul E. Carpenter

The Inch Principle: 21 Million Dollar Inches of Management by John T. Condry and Paul E. Carpenter provides a 180-page guide to 21 management principles, or 21 inches, that will increase a manager’s confidence to overcome challenges, reduce drama in the workplace, teach employees that profit is not a four letter word, make decisions and motivate today’s entitled worker to be loyal. The authors strive to motivate managers to be better leaders by focusing on the present, rather than past experiences or hopes for the future. “It’s a message of letting go of the past and letting the future take care of itself. It’s how to make decisions today,” explain the authors.

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John T. Condry and Paul E. Carpenter are principals at CMI, which features the flagship management training program, “Managing in the Zone.” Condry, a management development expert, trainer, consultant, speaker and founder of Career Success Seminars Inc., also published the Cornerstones of Management training series. Carpenter is president of The Non-Traditional Revenue Group, LLC, a consulting firm that develops revenue for companies through training and marketing throughout the United States.

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