Monday, June 13, 2011

Guest Blogger: Harriet Cammock, Author of Through the Fire

Today's guest is Harriet Cammock, author of the inspirational non-fiction book, Through The Fire: One Woman's Experiences in Surviving Domestic Violence.

In Through The Fire, Harriet Cammock has written a captivating account of surviving domestic violence. Having lived countless years in an environment of verbal and physical abuse, Harriet recollects events no person ought to be able to call to mind. Vivid accounts create unease, knowing people are able to harm each other on such levels and call it love. Harriet shares her blinded love, innocent assumptions, dreaded encounters, and fear-driven hopes, as she recaptures the essence of her painful memories. We journey with her through dating a perceived white knight; coping in a hopeless marriage; raising a child matured, too early, through unfathomable pain; and surviving near-fatal encounters with a madman.

Harriet exposes the reader to an abuser’s enchanting personality as he unfolds to reveal heinous acts, detrimentally affecting the surrounding families, friends, extended networks, and self. “That my heart was beating was a miracle, because I was so afraid I could barely open my mouth to speak, much less breathe and give oxygen to my heart. I didn’t know what he was going to do.” Through the trials, Harriet made a plan, and you will root for her to accomplish that plan. “I would imagine what my future life would be like. I would imagine my daughter and I would one day live free from this horror and it would all be just an experience far behind us. We would be free to do normal things mothers and daughters do.”

Whether you or someone else is abused, has been abused, is curious to the signs of abuse, or simply wishes to read a remarkably engaging story, this book is for you. Once you open this book, map out some time, and get cozy, as you will not want to put Through The Fire down.

It's Time to Start the Conversation by Harriet Cammock

Recently I was in Cleveland, Ohio participating in an Urban Book Festival. On display were my three published books: Visions, Musings of the Spirit and my latest release Through The Fire.

A lot of interest was generated in my first two published books, but the one that got the most interest by far was Through The Fire. So many people told me of their own experiences in surviving domestic violence. Many others remarked on where they are in their journey, two years, ten years or even twenty years as survivors of violence in the home. The support from the community was overwhelming. I say all of that to say this--there is an overwhelming need for healing from the effects of domestic violence. People had tears in their eyes as they looked at the cover of Through The Fire remarking, this describes,me, my sister, my cousin,or my mother.

Many others said, I'm glad you survived. One young lady told of a tragic story of forced miscarriages by her boyfriend on three separate occasions due to severe physical abuse. My friends, it's time to start the conversation. Let's get together and pool our resources in ending violence in our homes. Domestic violence takes many forms, it can be sexual, emotional, financial and physical. It often starts by alienating and isolating the victim from her support system. We need to educate ourselves on the signs and symptoms of domestic violence. Violence in the home has no barriers. It crosses all racial, economic and ethnic lines. I lived in a house with a three car garage and was beaten within an inch of my life. Oh yes, did I add there was a swimming pool in the backyard and you gained entrance by way of a gated community?

Whatever your excuses are, the single most important thing you can do is to get help. There is help available through my website and at In my book Through The Fire I list some things you should be on the lookout for at the start of a new romance or if you are involved in a relationship. This book will aid in identifying those instances and cracks that will appear in some relationships including marriages. In my story I was married for thirteen years and was reluctant to admit to seeing the early warning signs and doing something about it.

Join me in ending domestic violence; follow the link to my website and view available resources and some signs to be on the look out for if you are engaged in any relationship. Also visit my YouTube channel and view my video. It provides information and statistics to help bring awareness to this matter.

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After an abusive marriage, Harriet Cammock determined she would use her own experiences in overcoming abuse to teach other women that there is help available. She channeled those experiences in writing and through her blog, she provides inspirational and uplifting messages to many people.

Harriet began The Faith Hour in 2009 and used this platform to launch The Renewed By Grace Conference, which was designed to bring together men and women whose lives were touched by abuse. "I want to show women that you don't have to look like what you went through," Harriet said. Using creative resources and with involvement from other community organizations, Harriet plans to host another conference sometime in the next several months.

A published author, she now hosts The Harriet Cammock Show. The Harriet Cammock Show uses principles of surviving and overcoming; principles that Harriet learned first-hand. Harriet has appeared on The Word Network and Atlanta Live! and is a guest writer for The Hinterland Gazette. A gifted speaker, Harriet is available for speaking engagements.

Visit for more about Harriet Cammock's projects. Visit Harriet’s Blog:


Nicole weaver said...

Oh my goodness! What a story, I know all about physical and verbal abuse. It wreaks havoc on one self-esteem. Luckily, for me it turned me into an over achiever. I dealt with my abuse by doing well in school. Thank you Cheryl, for posting this great review. Reading it brought bittersweet tears to my eyes.

Nicole weaver
Trilingual Children's Author

Anonymous said...

Wow! what a sad story of abuse,glad you over came your troubles through being an overachiever.