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Guest Blogger: If the Voices in My Head Could Talk to One Another....by Ginger Simpson, Author of Odessa

Today's guest blogger is Ginger Simpson, author of Odessa.

When the wagon carrying Odessa Clay and her father overturns, he is killed. She is left alone in the middle of the desert to try to find her way to kin in Phoenix. Hot, dry and scared, Odessa is near death when Zach Johnson finds her. Squinting up into his tanned and handsome face, she imagines she’s died and gone to heaven.

Would-be-outlaw, Zach comes across an unconscious woman alone in the middle of nowhere. Where did she come from? She appears young, but the curves beneath the dusty gingham say otherwise. He didn’t plan to become someone’s hero, but he cannot leave her helpless and stranded.

Will the promise of Odessa’s sweet lips lure Zach from the secret mission that has his gut twisted into a knot? His father’s ranch isn’t the only thing at stake—now it’s his heart, too.

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After slipping the sheet music beneath the mattress, Odessa stripped down to her undergarments, hung her dress on the bedpost and crawled between the covers. She stifled a giggle. Zach would be surprised when she gave him the news of her plans, but she’d have to wait and pretend she found the job during the daytime. Believing she’d put something over on him brought a feeling of satisfaction. A smug grin tugged at her lips.

Fatigue from the long day embraced her. She plumped her pillow and pulled the blanket up beneath her chin. Releasing a relaxing sigh, she closed her eyes.

“You’ve been gone quite a while. Gonna tell me where you’ve been?” Zach’s deep voice cut the silence, startling her.

“Ah…I thought you were asleep.” “I’m sure you did.” He sat up, letting his blanket fall to his waist.

Distracted by moonlight from the window highlighting his bared chest and muscled arms, her alibi drifted right out of her mind.  

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"Ginger Simpson's latest novel, Odessa, is the story of a brave, young woman who loses her father in a tragic accident while searching for her aunt, but finds true love in the process. Simpson brilliantly uses humor, lovable characters, and detailed description to transport the reader back to the Old West. When Zach, a would be outlaw under duress, meets Odessa in the desert and saves her life, little does he know that he would be in for the adventure of his life. After a short time together, there is nothing he wouldn't do to keep the pretty little spitfire safe. And, keeping Odessa safe, could be quite trying especially when the little spitfire is determined to risk her life to return the favor! With much determination and a spirit only found in the courageous pioneer women of the time, Odessa fulfills her dreams. This story is a delightful read. So, hold on tight to your horse, for you will experience the ride of your life!"
– Peer Review by Maggie Dove
If the Voices in My Head Could Talk to One Another...
by Ginger Simpson
I wonder now at people condemned to asylums because they insisted they had voices in their heads. Could they have been authors? Especially, 'pantsers' and don't do any plotting?

I never had voices in my head before I started writing...now I have more than I can handle in this lifetime...all screaming their ideas at me and wanting me to tell their story. I find myself so confused at times, I don't know which one to listen to, so I just don't write. I've tried revising my style to plotting, but I just can't do it. I need my characters to lead me, but when they're all shouting...

Here's a typical day in my life, from the perspective of me and my 'crew.'

Odessa: "It's been days since you've typed a word of my story. Here I am, all goosebumpy over the fellow who found me in the middle of the desert, I'm dying to kiss him, and you've just left me hanging. Get on with it,would you? Odessa should be a first priority."

Carrie: "Whoa, hold on Dessie. Wait your turn. Ginger started First Degree Innocence long before your silly tale. You just jumped in and interrupted her with the ploy about your pa being trapped under a wagon or some such nonsense. Your urgency is a kiss? Really. I'm stuck in prison for something I didn't do, some ballsy chick called Jet is after me to help her set up a friend by planting a shiv, and all you can worry about is when you're gonna get kissed. Give me a break."

Meagan: "Shut up, both of you. I gave Ginger the idea for a story that just might qualify for the Harlequin Undone series, even though she's not so great with steamy love scenes. *whispering* Don't tell anyone, but I think she's a prude at times.*back to yelling* The story requirement is only 15,000 words, so if you'll just take a seat and hold your tongues, maybe she can get creative and finish the damn thing. Crap...this just in. She shared the story with some cronies of hers and they tell her it's not hot enough. Now she's got this crazy idea to just make it an historical novella, called Tender Return. Geez, and I gave up my virginity for this?"

Clarence: "Good God, is bickering all you women ever do? I have murder cases to solve and lives to save. Sort of makes your silly little plot lines look weak, don't you think? I think The Locket should take precedence. Right now, I've only had two deaths and I'm working on the cases, but unless Ginger gets her butt in gear and pushes on with the story, I'll never find out who gets the necklace next, or where the darned thing came from. So stop your yammering so she can listen to me!"

Faith: *sniffing* "What about me? I'm still waiting for her to start In Search of Joshua. How am I ever going to find happiness if all you keep taking cuts?"

Clarence: "Taking cuts, my ass. You already have a book published with you as the heroine. Give someone else a chance. Geez, talk about greedy."

Faith: "Well, it's not just me that's anxious. The people who read the first book...at the least a couple of reviewers, didn't care much for the ending because I didn't connect with Joshua. I have to find him."

Carrie: "Take a chill pill, Faith. Try living behind bars and worrying your cellmate is going to snuff you out during the night and then come talk to me. I wish I knew if I was going to survive this story or not. I'm not getting any younger, ya know."

Joy: "Hey...don't forget me. I know she only typed a paragraph of my story, but I have a wonderful one to tell...and with a twist none of you have come up with. I think she's stalling on mine because she just can't get kinky. But, I intend to keep yelling in her ear until she finishes Joy's Revelation."

Odessa: Revelation, smevelation. It's late. We all have a gripe, but we'd better shut up so Miss EPPIE nominee can get some sleep or she'll never finish anything. At least we know she must have some talent. *laughing*. Good night guys. Talk to you tomorrow."

Clarence: "Okay, goodnight. But I get first crack at her in the morning. It's only fair because lives are involved."
Faith: "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Whoever screams the loudest... Goodnight everyone...you too John Boy

*group giggles*

Yes...that was a day in my head a few years ago. I'm happy to report that everything except "In Search of Joshua" has been finished and is either published or awaiting release. Wow...walk a mile in my shoes and then wonder why you aren't in a straight jacket somewhere.

Thanks to Cheryl for letting me share her blog today. If you want information on my books, you can find them all at http://www.gingersimpson.com/.

Retired from her big girl job, Ginger Simpson hoped to devote more time to writing, but caught up in the every day world of promotions, emails and chatting, she’s decided that one book a year might just be her norm. She spends some of her free time with husband, Kelly, and always finds time for Spencer, the love of her life. Her grandson, diagnosed with Autism, has shown her that with determination, all things are possible. Look how long it took Grandma Moses to find fame.

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