Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book Spotlight: Keeping it Simple! by Jayne M. DeRouin

Many people use the spring season to tidy their homes and organize their closets, but when was the last time you decluttered your life?

Full-time wife and mother Jayne DeRouin says keeping life simple is essential to effective living. In her new book, “Keeping it Simple!: Keys to Living an Uncomplicated Life”, DeRouin reveals how she has managed to “keep it simple” despite facing adversity in her own hectic life. She demonstrates how focusing on life’s positive aspects and trusting their instincts can guide readers through any hurdles in life.

DeRouin provides readers with useful tips, like having a garage sale to rid themselves of emotional clutter or learning to say no to activities that cause needlessly harmful emotions. She also suggests focusing on physical health to gain emotional health, welcoming moments of reflection and using your spirituality as your personal GPS system. According to DeRouin, seeking long-term happiness rather than immediate endorphin highs is the best way to live a clutter-free life.

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There are no coincidences in life.

Everything happens for a reason.

You have this book for a reason. Maybe you picked it up because you felt something drew you in, but you weren’t quite sure what it was. Maybe you chose this book because you heard the inner voice of your soul speaking to you and you acted on its wisdom, without hesitation, trusting your instincts and using your free will to make a choice that you may have thought unusual in the past. Maybe you received it as a gift, from someone very special in your life because they felt it would be something you would enjoy reading. Maybe this book will validate for you how you feel about life and now you will know there is someone else out there who thinks like you and it will encourage you to continue doing things just the way you are. Or maybe, it will help you make some change in your life that you have sensed you needed to make but weren’t quite sure how. No matter what the circumstance is, or your reason for reading it, this book is now in your hands, what you decide to do is completely up to you.

Keeping It Simple! is a compilation of divine principles, providing a spiritual philosophy and approach to life unlike anything else you have ever read before. The stories you read, the personal stories I share and the messages revealed come from my heart and soul. Like a good cookbook, with tips and tricks to aide you in your cooking, “Keeping It Simple!” is an inspirational guide that can support you during your spiritual journey. The principles and techniques discussed are meant to provide you with a way to draw parallels to your own life, and through the personal stories I share, help you start to throw away the old way of thinking and plug into your own spiritual creativity.

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"A must read for every caregiver or anyone who thinks the world has gotten the best of them."

~ Editor-in-Chief, Caring Years Magazine

"I encourage everyone to read Jayne's book; truly inspirational; it will ignite the light within!"

~ Kerri D.

“There is a down to earth, everydayness to the writing of Keeping It Simple! that allows the reader to make a direct connection. The beauty of this book is that it is not professorial or theological. It is like having a dialogue with the author. It is easy to sit down with it and read it comfortably.”

~ Bill C.


Jayne DeRouin is a busy wife and mother, as well as an incurable optimist who knows the secret to achieving a balanced life. Over the years, she realized almost any obstacle life threw her way could be overcome by trusting deeply in herself. Eager to pass on what she’s learned, Jayne shares her life-tested advice in her new book, where she offers practical tips and insights for decluttering your life.

DeRouin didn’t always know she would be a writer. As a young woman, she considered being a hairdresser and even aspired to be a celebrity stylist, but after a brief time as a cosmetic consultant, DeRouin decided to study business administration. She worked as a banker for 18 years before becoming a full-time homemaker when her son was born. An active member of her church choir, she enjoys volunteering for her son’s school, where she serves on the parent-teacher organization. She also maintains a motivational blog on her website and helps her husband run his business. DeRouin lives in Cranston, R.I., with her husband, David, and their son, John. For more information about DeRouin or Keeping it Simple!, please visit  

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