Thursday, January 13, 2011

Book Review: Losing Your Only by Dr. Debi Yohn

Losing Your Only by Dr. Debi Yohn is a helpful guide for parents or loved ones who have lost their only child.

Dr. Yohn is an international psychologist, author and speaker. This helpful e-Book is based upon her personal experience. When her only son, Levi, was killed in a car accident, her life took a different and unexpected path. Plunged into grief, she had to cope with the loss of her role as a parent.

In this moving narrative, Yohn shares the days, months, and years that have passed since Levi's death. In an effort to help others who have lost their Only, she discusses:

* the REAL journey--the four stages parents grieving the loss of their only child must go through
* the comfort she found in exploring spirituality and different belief systems
* the importance of celebrating the life of your Only and how it is okay to continue talking about your child after his passing
* Moving on
* How mothers and fathers might grieve differently
* How the loss of your Only affects extended family and friends
* The lessons she learned from Levi's passing

and much more!

Losing Your Only is a touching tribute to Levi. It will offer much needed support to those coping with the loss of an only child.

The digital version of the book is currently available at If you would like to be notified of the upcoming print and audio release, please visit this page and send Dr. Yohn your name and email address. For more information on Dr. Yohn's virtual book tour, please visit

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Unknown said...

When Levi passed, I found little written on the subject of parents dealing with the loss of an only child. I am hopeful that Losing Your Only will help others through those dark days.

Thank you for including Losing Your Only in your blog posting.

For the Love of Levi.
Dr. D