Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Conflicts with Interest by Michael Ruddy -- Book Review

Journey down deep into the dark underbelly of corrupt law firms and insurance companies in Conflicts with Interest by Michael Ruddy.

Not exactly the world's greatest poker player, builder T.R. Morgan finds himself in a dangerous game of Defect Litigation. A lawsuit has been brought by homeowners of a house built by Morgan Homes. Representing the homeowners is Steve Sanderson, a ruthless Bay Area lawyer.

Being out played at nearly every turn, just when T.R. thinks the insurance companies are backing him, he discovers it might not be so simple. Already dealing with the tragic loss of his wife, T.R. and his son, Ryan, also a prinicipal of Morgan Homes, are stuck in a battle that could cost them everything they hold dear. Dragged into a world of human trafficking, drugs, and illicit sex, T.R. is determined to see this battle through to its climactic end; an end, not even he could imagine.

In this debut novel, author Michael Ruddy exposes corruption and under-handed play within law firms and insurance companies; a timely subject in today's world of large company scandals.

In Conflicts with Interest, Ruddy has created characters who are backed against the wall and must find a way to fight their way back. While not as full of suspense as I figured by the back cover blurb, this engaging story kept me turning the pages quickly. I needed to know how this would all turn out for T.R. and Ryan. Would they win? Would they lose? Would the pieces fall somewhere in the middle? And what of all the behind the scenes players? What would happen to them?

I enjoyed the changing points of view, which allowed me insight into characters other than T.R. that might have been lost if the point of view had stayed strictly with T.R.

Readers interested in law stories, corruption, and the darker side of the corporate world will enjoy Conflicts with Interest by Michael Ruddy.

Title: Conflicts with Interest
Author: Michael Ruddy
Publisher: Rodeo Publishing
ISBN-10: 0615305997
ISBN-13: 978-0615305998
SRP: $15.95

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