Friday, May 14, 2010

Bodacious Blogging Book Reviewers Award

Thank you to Nicole at Tribute Books Reviews & Giveaways for giving The Book Connection the Bodacious Blogging Book Reviewers Award. And we are passing it on. The rules are:

If you are given this award you must first accept it by leaving a comment on the post you were nominated on. Then copy and paste the post and add it to your own blog. Make a list of the last 5 books you read and pass the award on to 5 other bloggers (no backsies!). Please also identify the blog from which you got the award and don't forget to tell them they have a blog award!

Given to each of you for all your "bodacious" posts and the frequency with which you update your site. Never a dull moment on any of these great blogs, be sure to check them out!

This award is presented to the following who are tasked with passing it forward:

Just One More Paragraph

What You Reading Now?

Down Under Reviews

Cafe of Dreams

Turning Back the Clock

My Last 5 Books Read

Faith & FINANCES (devotional with numerous contributors)

The Three Dimensions of Character by Larry Brooks

The Elf of Luxembourg by Tom Weston

My Dog Tim and Other Stories by Garasamo Maccagnone (review not posted yet)

Conflicts with Interest by Michael Ruddy (review not posted yet)