Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering September 11th

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Just as those who are old enough to remember where they were when they heard of John F. Kennedy's assasination, people of our generation can vividly recall what they were doing when radios and televisions shared reports of the Twin Towers being struck.

I was home with my month-old daughter, still on maternity leave. The phone rang and my husband asked me to turn on the television to let him know what news stations were saying. He was at work and gaining access to the Internet was almost impossible with so many people trying to find out the latest details of what was happening in New York.

When news came of the attack on the Pentagon, I called my husband back and immediately felt that we were at war.

I would find out later, that my brother-in-law was supposed to be at the World Trade Center that morning, but at the last minute his meeting was changed to an alternate location. Our family was spared...but many others were not.

As our country honors those whose lives were lost on that fateful day, I personally hope that the many families affected by this horrible tragedy have begun the road to healing; that they have found some way to carry on after the unexpected loss of their loved ones; and that they may know the peace and comfort only God can provide.

God Bless America!

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Randall Lang said...

Hi Cheryl,

What a very well written and apt post! Many in this nation and especially within government wish to forget that three thousand Americans including men, women, children were slaughtered by Islamic militants on that day.Some wish to forget the attacks and pretend as if the event did not happen. If they are allowed to continue that folly, the attacks will be repeated. I appeal to readers of this post to join me in reminding our government officials that the security of this nation and its people are the FIRST obligation of our representatives far ahead of economic and political issues. If we forget, it can happen again.


Randall Lang