Monday, September 21, 2009

Dobie The Canine Saint by Dr. Paul Greenbaum -- Book Review

A touching and heartwarming story of one man and his dog is what you'll find in Dobie, The Canine Saint.

Just a few days prior to a visit to his friend, Tom, Dr. Paul Greenbuam had to put to sleep his beloved canine companion. Was it any wonder that when Tom showed him the abused and neglected puppies in their dirty cage, Paul didn't want to talk about them? Tom tries to convince him to take one of the puppies, a female they had named Vicious--who was anything but that. A week later, Paul drove home with Vicious in tow. Renamed Dobie, this lovely book shares the story of her life and death, revealing her own healing process and how through that process, she healed Paul.

There were so many emotional moments as I read through Dobie The Canine Saint: reading of her healing process, how she and Paul went through so much together, and how she held on when she knew Paul still needed her. It is obvious they shared a special connection, and I believe the author honors Dobie well.

The text has an almost lyrical feel to it, as you float from one experience to the next, eager to learn more about their special connection. It's truly an inspiring story.

I believe that anyone who has loved a pet or loved and lost a pet will find many things to enjoy in Dobie The Canine Saint.

Title: Dobie The Canine Saint
Author: Dr. Paul Greenbaum
Publisher: Healing from the Heart Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9796483-8-0
SRP: $13.95 (U.S.)


April said...

What a great review, Cheryl! This sounds like such a wonderful book!

bethjmartin said...

I was a patient of Dr. Paul's for a number of years and had the pleasure of meeting Dobie. This wonderfully peaceful dog would sometimes wander into the room while I was receiving treatments and sit near my head. He was a healing force all by himself. Both he and Dr. Paul are unique, powerful and loving souls who have touched the core of my soul - and for that I am forever grateful.

shojimon said...

I loved this book and found it to be a beautiful account of a man and his dog., finding their way together. I am a current a patient of Dr. Paul's and still hear stories about Dobie and her love. She was quite a gal.
Check it out, I think you'll like it too.