Monday, June 15, 2009

Book Giveaway: Winner of Sea Changes by Gail Graham

Our congratulations go out to Allison, the winner of an ARC of Sea Changes by Gail Graham.

Synopsis: When Sarah’s husband dies suddenly, she is left with no anchor and no focus. Grief is an ever-present companion and counseling a weekly chore with minimal results, but when Sarah decides to end her life her suicide attempt takes her to an underwater world where she finds comfort and friendship. Afterwards, back on the beach she wonders – Was it a dream? Was I hallucinating? Or am I going mad?

Her efforts to make sense of the experience lead to Sarah’s becoming a suspect in the alleged kidnapping of a young heiress. Now her worlds are colliding – and the people she trusts are backing away, not believing a word she says. She must decide what is real and what is not. Her life depends on it.

Still want to get your hands on a copy of Sea Changes? You can find it at

Thanks to all who participated in this giveaway. Check back again soon for more great giveaways!

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