Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Agent in Old Lace by Tristi Pinkston--Book Review

Mystery, suspense and romance create a fast-paced and engaging read in Agent in Old Lace by Tristi Pinkston.

Shannon Tanner's world turns upside down when she realizes her boyfriend Mark isn't the Prince Charming she thought he was. When she discovers his secret, Mark turns on her and Shannon's life is suddenly in danger.

The FBI assigns a female agent to go undercover as Shannon's roomate to see if they can flush out Mark. But when this agent is injured right before the assignment, the FBI must turn to their top agent, Rick Holden.

For a while things seem like they will be okay. Rick is by Shannon's side--even though he's wearing a dress most of the time--and Mark might have taken off for good. When Shannon's best friend Tate is kidnapped, Shannon realizes that only way to stop Mark once and for all is to make Rick move out. Can Shannon lure Mark out into the open? And if she does, can Rick save her before it's too late?

After enjoying Tristi's novel, Season of Sacrifice--which we reviewed here--I knew I wanted to read Agent in Old Lace when it came out. This is a decidely different book than Season of Sacrifice, but it is equally as engaging and riveting.

Shannon discovers her life isn't quite as perfect as it seems and she suddenly finds herself in danger from the man who supposedly loves her. In steps Rick Holden, the dashing FBI agent who ends up having to room with her to keep her safe from Mark. That proves challenging because everyone knows Shannon would never have a male roommate, so Rick becomes a woman. This leads to many funny scenes that help to break up the suspense of Mark being on the lose and waiting for the chance to get back at Shannon.

One of the subplots of Agent in Old Lace is that while all this is going on, Shannon's father is fighting for his life from some mysterious illness that the doctors have yet to identify. This raises the stakes for Shannon because she needs to worry about her father's health, her mother's safety, and trying to draw Mark out without getting killed. Pinkston certainly knows how to push characters to their limits.

While the formula has been done before, the extra element of faith that is added to Agent in Old Lace makes this romantic suspense novel unique. All the main characters are LDS, and Shannon uses the power of prayer on more than one occasion to help bring her through her troubles.

Fans of romantic suspense will be flocking to Agent of Old Lace by Tristi Pinkston. Don't miss this one. It's worth every penny!

Title: Agent in Old Lace
Author: Tristi Pinkston
Publisher: Bonneville Books
ISBN: 978-1-59955-308-5
SRP: $13.00

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