Thursday, February 5, 2009

February Featured Book: The Amen Sisters by Angela Benson

Our next featured romance novel comes from talented author, Angela Benson. When I first received The Amen Sisters, I have to admit to being a bit nervous. In addition to the fact that you often don't know what you're getting when you offer to review a book, this was Christian fiction with African-American characters. How would I relate to these people? Would the cultural differences distance me from the storyline?

I need not have worried. Not only could I relate to Dawn and Francine Amen, I could understand their pain because it is one of those emotions that transcends culture and race.

One of the best aspects of The Amen Sisters is the difficult issues it addresses. Church abuse and infidelity are approached in a real way that allows the reader to witness the tragedy of it and rejoice in the healing of these two sisters.

You'll find my review of The Amen Sisters here.

Since I last spoke with Angela, she has come out with a new novel, Up Pops the Devil, which you can read about at her website.

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