Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Devil's Darning Needle by Ben Furman--Book Review

A unique and engaging hi-tech counter-terrorism thriller can be found in The Devil's Darning Needle by Ben Furman.

Years ago, FBI undercover agent Frank Durazo infiltrated the terrorist organization known as FALN and helped to bring their leader Ojeda Sanchez to justice...but it cost him greatly.

Now that Sanchez is out of prison, Frank believes the FALN is regrouping and planning an attack on world leaders gathered at the President's gravesite. Unconvinced by Duranzo's suggestion about Sanchez and already stretched for resources, Frank's superiors want real proof before they'll put manpower behind him.

But time is running out. Duranzo's son, Luis, who's building top-secret micro-aerial vehicles for the U.S. Military is missing and the woman Frank has loved for years is in danger...and Sanchez and the FALN plot is connected to all of them. Can Frank stop Sanchez and the FALN in time without losing anyone he loves?

The Devil's Darning Needle is an intense, engaging read from page one. Frank's history with Sanchez propels this story forward and keeps the reader turning pages.

While I'm not usually a big fan of backstory taking up the beginning chapters of a novel, Furman's decision to set the scene for the attack that will unfold in present day is a smart one. The author's wealth of experience in counter-terrorism truly shines through and draws the reader right into a world of hi-tech weapons, the mind of a terrorist, and the work of the FBI. This novel also provides an interesting look into how politics impacts the work of the department.

As a woman reading this book, I must admit that Furman handled the relationships in The Devil's Darning Needle very well. Not every author can portray personal relationships in such an action-packed novel, but Furman made it seem easy.

Kudos go out to cover designer Frank Rivera. The picture of the Capitol Building in the background with a dragonfly whose transparent wings float into the title is stunning, as is the color selection. The thumbnail above doesn't do it justice.

Readers who enjoy the work of Tom Clancy should definitely check out The Devil's Darning Needle.

Title: The Devil's Darning Needle
Author: Ben Furman
Publisher: Black Hawk Press
ISBN-10: 0-97787-319-6
ISBN-13: 9-780-97787-319-7
SRP: $16.95 (US)

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