Friday, December 5, 2008

CJ Scarlet and The Kindness Cure

Today's guest blogger is CJ Scarlet. While her article might seem unusual for our site, she is a published author with a new book out--which you will find at her website After hearing the news of a WalMart employee being trampled to death by customers anxious to scoop up great Black Friday deals and the shooting incident at a Toys R Us on the same day, CJ's words will certainly be an inspiration for change.

When I was told that my heart was going to fail due to a life-threatening heart and lung condition, my world fell apart. Then a Tibetan lama told me to “stop feeling sorry for myself and start focusing on the happiness of others, and my life was transformed. The more I extended kindness to others, the happier I became and the better I felt, until just two short years later my condition went into remission. Kindness literally cured me! (Only after I got the idea for the campaign did I learn that performing or even hearing about others’ acts of kindness raises one’s serotonin and endorphin levels and decreases stress chemicals.)

The lama next commanded me to teach others the secret to happiness I had learned. The Kindness Cure Campaign is an attempt to do that by reminding people how very simple it is to be kind to others and to ourselves. Our goal is to get people to sign onto our social networking site — – and create a profile. By doing so, they are committing to performing at least one act of kindness each week for 52 weeks, for a total of one million acts of kindness in one year. An ambitious goal, but one I’m confident we can meet, because most people perform multiple small acts of kindness all day, every day. I personally will perform 365 acts of kindness during the year, all of which will be videotaped by viewing on our site.

Once people log onto our site, they can view our latest videos of my 365 acts of kindness, participate in a discussion group, chat with friends, read the very motivating kindness stories shared by others, and share some of their own. They can also invite their friends to join the campaign. I guarantee that if you come to the site, you’ll leave feeling deeply touched, inspired, motivated, and happy!

This is an important project. Things are really bad in the world right now and people feel discouraged. We need something to life us up and make us feel hopeful again. Promoting kindness and sharing our stories with others will make people feel better, and maybe even motivate them to be kinder to themselves and others. I believe with all my heart that kindness is the key not only to physical healing, but to healing our fractured planet as well. This much I know is true—it can only help!

I hope you all will join me by signing up on our website – – and committing to making a real difference. We look forward to seeing you there! CJ Scarlet

For More Information:
See What It’s All About - and this is CJ Scarlet’s website –


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a guest blogger on your wonderful site. I hope your readers will be inspired to join us in our mission of performing one million acts of kindness in one year by visiting our website, I truly appreciate your enthusiasm and support of this important project. Have a terrific holiday season! CJ Scarlet

Unknown said...

Kindness is so crucial! It would help solve so many of the world’s problems. There is a great children’s book called Other People’s Shoes that helps teach kids the importance of kindness. You should check it out! Here’s a link: