Friday, September 26, 2008

Sam's Quest: The Royal Trident by Ben Furman--Book Review

Filled with action and adventure, The Royal Trident, the second book in the Sam's Quest trilogy by Ben Furman is even better than the first.

Now living with Grandpa Paul at the farm on Mile High Mountain, Sam finds her life in limbo. Keeper of the Crimson Crystal, Sam doesn't feel like she belongs much of anywhere: New York, the farm, or Innerworld.

When her good friend Prince Buznor (Buzz) is seriously wounded in battle, Sam leaves the farm and descends to the World of Bergeron where she comes up against the most powerful evil she's ever encountered. Could this be the end of the Originators?

Once again, Sam and Patch meet up with Buzz, King Kaylan, General Gorn, and a variety of unusual and often funny characters in a battle against evil. And while readers get a chance to see how much Sam has changed since her last excursion with Buzz, they will also be delighted to find that in many ways Sam remains the same: still unsure and a bit lost, but always a strong leader--much to her surprise. In The Royal Trident readers find Sam pitted against a new enemy and her limits again put to the test as she is also struggling with finding a place where she belongs. This added conflict gives true depth to Sam's character and makes her a much more realistic and vulnerable heroine.

Furman does an excellent job of weaving Sam's past into this story; bringing in her life in New York and melding that with life on Mile High Mountain, along with sharing some of what made Sam a legend to the Awokians and the creatures from the World of Bergeron. This book could easily stand on its own, but I highly recommend reading Book 1 so as not to miss the developing friendship between Buzz and Sam.

I can honestly say that I didn't see the end coming. I had my thoughts on who would be wielding this powerful evil, but I was way off base and pleasantly surprised by the revelation. There is one character whose fate is left up in the air, and my hope is that readers will find out what happens to him in the last installment of the trilogy.

Young adult fantasy and adventure lovers are sure to enjoy The Royal Trident.

Title: Sam's Quest: The Royal Trident Book 2
Author: Ben Furman
Publisher: Black Hawk Press
ISBN-10: 0-9778731-4-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-9778731-4-7
U.S. Price: $8.95

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