Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dean Kilmer and Igniting the Moral Courage of America

Today's guest blogger is Dean Kilmer. Dean is the preaching minister for the College Street Church of Christ in Waxahachie, Texas. He is also the author of the Mastering the Word and Igniting the Moral Courage of America: Six Ways You Can Inspire People to Live with Integrity.

Dean will briefly discuss how we can restore our families to moral integrity.

by Dean Kilmer author of Igniting the Moral Courage of America

Jerry was 41 years old with two teenage boys, a Christian wife who loved him and a 20-year-old girlfriend on the side. When I talked with Jerry and his wife Fran, she was in tears. He was leaving her for the younger woman and there was nothing she could say or do to change his mind. Now jump forward fifteen years and go with me on another visit to Jerry. He is sitting in his chair all alone crying because the young chick is gone. He never sees his boys. His ex-wife has moved on with her life after suffering the horrible pain of divorce. He will now spend the rest of his life alone!

At 39, Bob faced a similar situation. He was having an affair with a lady at work. Once again I was called to the house. I reasoned with Bob about what he was doing to himself, his wife and his three children. He would be separating himself not only from his family, but also from God. He would probably lose his soul over this affair, but even worse, his children would become bitter and probably lose their faith in God. Bob repented. His children are now grown and all three are leaders in the church, married with children. Bob and his wife are enjoying their retirement and rejoicing in the love of their grandchildren.

Over a lifetime, the greatest joys are found by building godly families. Here are some keys to help keep your family strong.

1. Read Corinthians 13:1-9 to your mate on your anniversary each year and insert your names in the texts. For example, I would read verse one and say, “If I, Dean could speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have the love of Karen, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.” Going down to verse four I would say, “My love for Karen will be patient. I, Dean will be kind to Karen always . . .” If you will read the whole passage this way and make a year long commitment to each other, you’ll have a great relationship.

2. Write a family mission statement! Why did God put your family on the earth? Why do you exist? You can formulate a mission statement by having each member of your family answer these questions:
a. What will I do to make life better for each member of this family?
b. What will I do with my life to make our community and our country better?
c. How will my life impact future generations for God?
d. What will people say about me at my funeral?
e. When I meet God, will he be proud of me?

3. Start having fun! Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice.” We are always talking about working at marriage and raising children. Stop working so hard at it and enjoy the love of your mate and your children! Slow down and drink in the smiles, the laughter, the beauty of life! God designed marriage to bring pleasure! Over a lifetime, the joys in your family will be the greatest of all joys!

4. Stand firm on God’s moral values. Pain comes into your home when a child becomes pregnant before they are married, develops an addiction, or commits suicide. To keep pain out, establish God’s love and teachings as the foundation for your home! He knows exactly how the family should function.

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Cheryl said...

Welcome to The Book Connection, Dean. Thanks for the great article. Good luck with the tour.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what an encouraging post. Good luck on your virtual book tour, Dean!

Tracee said...

I always find books like this interesting, even though I am not Christian. Look forward to following you on your tour!