Monday, July 7, 2008

Up the Devil's Belly by Rhett DeVane--Book Review

Up the Devil's Belly by Rhett DeVane brings you back to Chattahoochee, where you'll get reacquainted with old friends and discover new ones while being treated to a huge dose of southern charm.

A new generation enters the lives of the Davis-Lewis family as Bobby and Leigh welcome their son, Josh, and Hattie and Holston return from China with their adopted daughter, Sarah Chuntian Lewis. Evelyn has given up trying to cook and turned her attention to her new clothing line. Jake and friends have transformed the Witherspoon Mansion into an upscale day spa and Piddie and Elvina are still dishing up and sharing news about the people living in the town with a mental institution on its main drag.

Having finally put the vicious hate crime that crippled Jake behind them, life moves on in Chattahoochee with numerous celebrations giving everyone a reason to bring along their favorite food dishes.

Little do they know that one of their most prominent citizens is involved in something so sinister that Chattahoochee and its residents might never recover.

Written with southern style and flare, Rhett DeVane's sequel to The Madhatter's Guide to Chocolate is just as delightful and powerful as its predecessor. You'll enjoy the continuing story of the Davis-Lewis family while finding out more about the people who make up the town of Chattahoochee.

DeVane creates realistic characters and you'll swear you've met at least one of them in your hometown. DeVane has a powerful way of connecting the events of a small town to the happenings of the world around it, drawing the reader in and making this book a real page-turner. And once again, the reader is treated to some down home southern recipes that tie into the story. These ones are as hot as Florida's summer temperatures.

An engrossing, powerful story of life, love, and lies, Up the Devil's Belly is sure to entertain readers from all walks of life!

Title: Up the Devil's Belly
Author: Rhett DeVane
Publisher: Rabid Press, Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-9743039-2-5
Price: $14.95

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